Monday, August 15, 2011

I need a hundred dollar night.

Everyone keep Blondie in your thoughts and prayers today - I've got a credit card bill due and a birthday to fund for Mr. Blonde (my boyfriend, not Michael Madsen. Although it would be nice if those two were synonymous).
I've actually been doing fairly well lately, due to some pretty good tippers and co-workers who don't want to pick up.

But anyway, it has been lately. A drunk dishwasher who walked out (and was back the next night, of course), a cook who's really starting to see my bad side, and waitresses, waitresses, waitresses.

More on that later, right now I've got to put on 'Eye of the Tiger' and run up and down some stairs. Gotta get my game face on.

Post in the comments what you'd most like to hear about:
a) drunk dishwasher
b) me telling off the cook
or c) random waitress drama.


  1. Definitely b for me. I always wanted to do that to our coke addled cook who was such a jerk.
    And c is always a good choice.
    Good luck with making the money. Fingers crossed. :)

  2. B! Always B! Especially if it is the newer/douchcanoe cook!

  3. ALL! I'm a greedy bitch!