Thursday, August 11, 2011

Please, God, just take this.

How can people be so oblivious to their surroundings and the people around them?
I had an 8-top a few days ago, and I will not hesitate to say they were straight-up white trash. I don't feel bad profiling them because I've had them before, and they're just assholes. Dirty clothes, no teeth, three of them cross-eyed, dollar per person if you're lucky. Inbreeding at its finest.

But anyway, they wanted three separate checks. Five on one, one single guy on one, and one couple I didn't recognize as being with them before on the last. This last couple was probably the only reason I managed 13% on the table, because they left 18% on their tab.

But anyway, after listening to them all talk over each other and me while trying to take their orders for "biscetti" and "deep-fried french fries" (I am not lying), I finally got their courses started. The one guy on his own tab was in the middle of the side of the table I could not reach. He refused to take any plates from me or hand any over so I could clear them. I was literally bent at the waist, chest rubbing against the guy across from him, pleading in my eyes, while he just stared at me and let me almost lose three plates in the process.

What the hell?


  1. oh my god I hate this. Either the plate is burning hot and my hand is about to catch fire or I've got a stack full of plates on one arm as I'm clearing and physically can't reach the plate in question. And they just stare at me. So annoying.

  2. Did you ask him to please take the plate. I hated doing it, but I refused to brush up against customers while trying to lay down a plate. A simple "Would you mind taking this sir?" or "Could you please hand me that ma'am?" worked wonders. It didn't matter how stupid or toothless they were, they realized they weren't getting what I was holding if they didn't respond. If they didn't acknowledge me I would simply set it at the edge of the table and let them know that they could retrieve it themselves as I was uncomfortable leaning that far over.

    Deep fried french fries just cracks me up. Is their any other kind? I suppose they meant extra crispy - but really? And I would've had to choke back a laugh at "biscetti" - They sound like they are 4 years old.