Monday, March 7, 2011


Last night, I was bored to tears for about two hours.
But then... something amazing happened. The hillbilly bastards I always have to wait on came in and it wasn't my turn.

They are so bad, so very very bad, that it put me in an awesome mood for the rest of the night. I was killing the fuck out of my tables with oodles of kindness. I was smiling, laughing at the jokes I've heard a million times, and being generally pleasant and sunny. I had one family that had never eaten with us before. They asked for my advice, took my suggestions, and at the end of the meal the little boy gave me a thumbs up and said "This diner is awesome!"
No, that is not a recap of a cheesy-ass commercial. THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

But then... as I go to count my money and bus out for the night... forty fucking dollars on a six-hour shift. Pathetic.


  1. Yeah, my Monday was only $5 more profitable for an hour more work. Fucking Mondays.

  2. I really hate it when I'm kept on the floor for longer than nessesary. I figure I need about a hundred dollars in sales per hour to make it worth my time. I have a manager that likes to beat his meat in the office and leave his servers doing his job in the front of house. Sometimes he keeps WAY too many servers on the floor so he doesn't have to pull his pants up and do his job. We all do extra cleaning AND his job for $4.35 an hour. Seriously, if it's not busy, I'd rather go home and do laundry while I update my resume.