Saturday, March 12, 2011

Server dreams.

Everyone has written about them, most servers have had them. I, until recently, had done neither.

Last night, I had my first server dream that I can recall. I know you probably don't want to hear about it (dreams are like photo albums - if you're not in them, you don't care), but it's my freaking blog and I will write what I goddamn well please.

In my dream, I had a table of three. Mom, dad, teenage daughter. They were celebrating something or some shit. Mom wanted iced tea, and dad wanted iced tea NO LEMON, a glass of water with two lemons on opposite sides of the glass - I remember that very clearly. Daughter doesn't know what she wants.
I go to get the drinks for mom and dad, but for some reason almost all of our lemons are rotten, so I decide to give mom the one good lemon I can find, and give dad two limes for his water (which is weird because we don't even have limes, and who, besides my own father, wants a lime in their water?).
I go to drop them off, intending to explain the citrus switch, but they are engrossed in conversation and ignore me. When I go back to the table to take an order, dad is going NUTS over how great this water is, so I let it slide.
Then they order. One person at a time, one item at a time, having me fetch things one. at a. time. And as they order, they spend five minutes explaining why they picked every single thing. It's like fucking Slumdog Millionaire up in this bitch. It gets to the point that I am literally sitting with them listening to their stories.
Meanwhile, the diner gets busy. I'm being sat and sat and no one is reprimanding me for spending all my time with this family and ignoring the rest of my tables.

That's all I remember. I wonder what it means?

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