Saturday, March 19, 2011


I have written about the truckers before, and how I despise them.

This is why:
One time, I had a table of four of them. The biggest, fattest, oldest, nastiest-ass motherfucker of them all had jokes. You know, "Scotch and soda" when I ask them for their drink (we don't serve alcohol and everyone knows it), "food," or "your phone number" when I ask them what I can get for them, so on and so on. After I managed to squeeze an order out amongst the jokes and inappropriate flirting, I go to move on to the next.
He interrupted me. He asked me, "Do you fool around?"

WHAT. I was so shocked, so disgusted that this Casanova thought a waitress probably 30 years younger than he would have anything to do with him. And to say something so blatant, disrespectful, and just gross. Sorry, honey, my daddy issues aren't that bad. I couldn't even respond. I ignored him completely and moved on. I barely spoke to them for the rest of the meal.

I told my boss. She said, "Well, did they leave you a good tip?"
They had, almost 20 dollars.
She responded, "Well, then, what's the problem?"
The PROBLEM is that he basically harassed me. I felt disgusted. I wanted to take a shower.
The best she could give me was to suck it up, and enjoy my tip.


  1. @Pancake Grrrl
    I know, I thought of so many good comebacks after the fact, but at the time I was just so horrified!

  2. WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?? The problem is that a good tip NEVER justifies sexual harassment! What a dickweed of a manager. I want to hit something now.

  3. @fuckmytable
    THANK YOU! She even makes fun of me for it now - "Oh my god, your face was so red!"