Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I don't care what anybody says..

It's fucking hard being a girl, and it's hard being a female server.
You spend a week ready to cry or lash out at co-workers and customers. You're not sure why.
Then, you wake up in the morning (decidedly NOT feeling like P-diddy), and realize you got your period. Now you have to spend this shift hobbling around, trying to take orders without holding your tummy, and trying to lift trays without breaking your back.

It can't be just me. Thank god I have today and tomorrow off so I can get all doped up, cuddle with the cat, and sleep the rest of this hellish time of month away.

TMI? Fuck you, I'm PMSing.


  1. I feel for you. I'm a pharmacy tech, which means i deal with sick people and i'm on my feet the entire shift. for the pas SIX months I've worked on my Day 1... being a girl sucks.

  2. @Historically Crazy haha THANK YOU!
    luckily I work with all women so I can usually get some leeway when I tell them it's "that time"