Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tonight, I would like to look back on the only complaint about my serving I have ever received in six years. It baffles me to this day.
Table of two guys, having breakfast. I treat them as I would any other table: "how are you today? More coffee? Have a good one!" Etc.
I guess these people couldn't see the thinly veiled hatred I have for 95% of my customers (my 'more coffee?' loosely translates to 'suck one.'), because when the hostess asked how everything was, they said 'fine... but our waitress was too nice.'

Read it again. TOO NICE. and they left me ten percent. What a bunch of weirdo cocksuckers.


  1. Just WOW!

    I received a 99% rating on my employee evaluation when I worked at McDonald's [forgive me, my first job, I was 16] and I received 1 point off for the same thing. My boss told me I was too nice to the customers and that they would get the wrong idea.

    I am pretty sure there is no chance of that now if I went back to retail or serving - cynical me.

  2. SkippyMom,
    isn't it crazy?? what does that even mean?
    'the wrong idea?' do they think we're flirting?
    uh, so many questions!