Friday, April 15, 2011

Avert your eyes!

So, a post from one of my favorite bloggers, purplegirl, got me thinking about something that really gets my goat, and I just couldn't wait til Sunday!

The Starer.
Why, dear god, why? Why do they think it is okay to stare at you, more fascinated by your movements and work than their own delicious meal? Most people have the decency to actually wave me over and ask a legitimate question after staring, and some are smarter and avert their eyes.
But I'm thinking of one couple in particular. They come in maybe once every two or three days, sometimes request specific waitresses (sometimes me! YAY!) and then stare. Unabashedly. If you glance over and smile, they will not return it. They will stare. If you walk over and say "did you need anything?" they will not. They will stare. What kind of eyelid-less freaks raised you?!

And a close cousin - the Glarer. 
These people don't understand your purpose as a server. They will look at you incredulously when you say "Drinks?" "Everything okay?" "You want to box that up?"
as if they are thinking in their lizard brains,
"Why is she asking me this? Shouldn't she just know that I'm still eating? Why do I even come out to eat? Oh, I hate my life!"
Or, they somehow interpret "More iced tea?"
as "Would you like to come out back and slaughter virgins with us after closing?"

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  1. The last line made me laugh so loud it scared the dogs. You would think they would be used to that by now. sigh.

    Thanks for that. Too funny.