Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tonight was interesting.

We were dead-ass slow. It sucked.

Then, one of the girls walks out. I tell her she has a table and she says, "okay, I'll be right there." Ten minutes later.. these people still don't have drinks and we realize her car is gone. It was a bitch move. If you're going to walk out, fucking do it up. Throw your checkbook on the counter, steal some shit, and leave. Don't make us look like jackasses because your tables are sitting around wondering where their server is.

Also, new cook got reprimanded - again. He had a carrot that he put a little sour cream on the end of and was miming jacking off. The manager on duty went back and said "What the hell is that It's not funny, and you need to respect these girls!" He did a good job of acting sorry, until a half hour later when he asked me if I had my nipples pierced.


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