Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blondie's Sunday Night Pet Peeve #4

People who don't know what they want (when they are old enough to know better) and I have to face the wrath of the cooks while they continue living their happy little idiotic lives. You know... the ones that order scallops and when you bring it out they say "oooohhhhh........I think I meant shrimp."

Today I had a party of six. Parents, three teenagers, and a chunky little girl who was at least eleven.
She ordered grilled cheese with ham, and said she wanted mozzarella.
Our conversation:
Blondie: You want grilled mozzarella and ham?
Little Girl: No.... like on the side? The, uhm, mozzarella, uhm..
B: Sticks?
LG: Yeah! The sticks!
Her parents: The sandwich comes with fries, are you sure you want both?
LG: No, no, no, I want the mozzarella on the side!
B: Oh, you want the cheese on the side for your fries?
LG: Yes yes yes!

Okay, fine. I put the order in. I go over for refills (LG has sucked down her Pepsi twice by now) and they're waving frantically even though I am clearly WALKING IN THEIR DIRECTION.

Parents: She didn't want mozzarella cheese. She wanted cottage cheese on the side.
B: Uhmmmm... okay.

A girl of her age should know the difference between dipping her fries in mozzarella cheese and eating cottage cheese. Especially AFTER someone else had ordered cottage cheese instead of french fries. So now I have to go in the kitchen and fight with the cooks, because her parents raised her fat ass to be an idiot.

They also felt the need to tell me it was one of the teenagers' birthdays. I literally said "Okay." and walked away. We don't do shit for birthdays and I'm not about to start.

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  1. I cannot stand pure idiocy. I really can't. I tend to get stabby when exposed to copious amounts of dumbness....