Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday Night Reasons I Like My Job #3 (On Tuesday)

I got caught up with school stuff last night and completely forgot.

Anyway, I like my job because they FEED US. At the end of our shift, we can have anything on the menu - except steaks and seafood. And as a diner, we have a pretty extensive menu. We usually end up with sandwiches, burgers, stuff like that - but we can have some of the dinner specials, too. Spaghetti, lasagna, pot roast.

You might not always get what you ask for (one time a coworker asked for a chicken sandwich and got eggs), but hey - it's free!

 It's glorious.


  1. Oh God, SoCo tasted just like cough syrup, especially in a kamikaze shot. When I drank I stuck with "real stuff", straight bourbon, vodka sodas, top-shelf martinis and peppermint schnapps. Probably the latter is the only thing I miss about drinking. Heh. But yup, all that ginger. Not fun. I eat my sushi plain thankyouverymuch.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. That is so awesome you get to eat for free - and diner food...yum.yum.yum.

    My favorite place I worked was a family owned restaurant - and we too got to eat for free - but the food was so dang good. My favorites were the ruebens and french dips, but one Chef used to slip me the "leftover" scallops mornay when he had an order to cook - he always made "extra" [oops]. When I left for college he would call me at school and hold the phone up to the sizzling pan to tease me ....[that sounds stupid now, but it cracked me up back in the day. giggle]

    What is your favorite dish?