Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blondie's Sunday Night Pet Peeve #3

Okay, so it's Sunday morning, get over it. This has been bothering me.

So Sunday mornings we have five girls. Two come in earlier and leave at 2. Three come in a little later, and leave at 3, when the night crew comes in. Technically, the night crew (and, well, everybody) is supposed to be there 15 minutes before their scheduled shift. So when I'm supposed to be there at 3, I show up at 2:45 or earlier. I'm the only one. Everyone else shuffles in around five of, five after, whenever.
This led to complaints. The girls who were scheduled to leave at 2 and 3 are pissed because they have to work until... well, 2 and 3. So instead of saying 'Suck it up, whores, that's your schedule,' or actually scolding people for coming in late, now I've been asked to come in an hour earlier, at 2, to insure everyone gets to leave when they want (as opposed to when they are scheduled).
Does that make sense?

Now, this is good and bad. It's good because sometimes I can pull an extra 20 bucks in that hour, because everyone is trying to run out the door as soon as they see me and I can get a bunch of tables.
It's bad, because everyone is running out the door, so I get three tables transferred to me and the three tables that just walked in the door - all at once. It can be frustrating because I just walked in five minutes ago and I barely have my jacket off.
It's also annoying that we have to change the schedule around to make some loudmouth waitresses happy, instead of just asking people to do what they are supposed to do. This happens CONSTANTLY, and it's always me that comes in early or stays late. Apparently I'm the only one who wants to make money, which is good... but exhausting.


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