Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Don't be sarcastic. I'm better at it than you.

When I go up to a table to greet them, I rarely ask how they are doing.
I don't care, and you can probably tell I don't care.

I greet them with a "Hi guys! Do you know what you'd like to drink?" or something similar.
I want to get that shit started and get your shit out of my station.

Every now and then I get someone who straight-up is not paying attention, and will say "good, how are you?" That's fine. Ignore what I say, I'll ignore that you wanted wheat toast instead of white.

But even better is when I get a smartass like the one I had a few days ago.
He said "Oh. And we're just fine, how are you today?" knowing full well (should that be hyphenated?) that I did not ask, and I assume trying to put me in my place.

I smiled condescendingly and asked again, "drinks?"


  1. I always ask even though I don't care (and both the customers and me know I don't) simply because it's expected. Just like someone saying hello expects the other person to say hello back. I do it because I hate smartasses like the guy you wrote about. Yech.

  2. The title is cute? That's about all I got.

  3. God, I hate dumbass customers like that. Gee whizz, sorry I ain't happy to see your happy happy face this sunday morning...

    Although, to be fair, US waitresses have it worse. When we're eating there, people remark about 'grumpy waitresses' whose only crime is that they don't have a Mickey Mouse smile- truly terrifying stuff.