Thursday, May 26, 2011

I feel insulted.

This lady the other day boned me on multiple levels.

She asked me about my natural hair color, which is fine, I get it all the time.
Then she asks me how long I've worked there, etc.

Then she says "Oh, so are you doing anything else with your life?"
A lot of people know I also go to school, they ask me how it's going and such, but no one has ever straight up talked to me like I was a failure for being a server.
So what if I wasn't going to school? I have a job that pays the bills and for the most part I enjoy. There is nothing wrong with that and I was pretty offended.

Then it got weirder. She said "Oh, that's good. You know, you're a very pretty girl."
What the shit? Should I have said "No, I'm just waitressing until some Tiger Woods type comes and scoops up my sorry ass to be his trophy wife. Or mistress. I plan on getting by on my looks, so thanks for reinforcing my self esteem"?

And the 15% tip really helped too. Thanks, dickworm.

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  1. I used to get this all the time - and I always said "Oh you shouldn't feel sorry for me this jobs helps pay for my room, board and books at Georgetown."

    Shut them up everytime.

    Except one guy accused me of lying to my manager and wanted me fired for being dishonest. My manager laughed at him and told him I wasn't lying.

    I also got the hair color question, but it bugged me. I am over it now. Yes, gray is my natural color. Thank you for asking. heehee