Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We got another new cook.

This one can't read. Or listen. I will give several instances.

We still use handwritten checks, no computers. We use a carbon sheet, so the top check is for us/the guest, and the bottom (the dupe) is for the kitchen.
We give the kitchen the dupe and usually holler out what we need.
For example, we may write "chix chs stk fr on" and holler out "chicken cheesesteak with fried onions" when we put in the order. Simple stuff.

Okay, so let's talk new cook.
  • I put in an order for a chef salad no carrots and a chicken caesar. I read it to him. I receive a chef salad with carrots and a greek salad.
  • Chicken breast with fried onion and mushrooms, I get chicken breast with a giant side of fried peppers.
  • Two cheese omelettes, one homefry/one french fry and two pork roll cheese sandwiches, one french fry/one nothing. I read it. He repeats it back to me wrong. I read it again. He asks me, and I read it again. When the food is almost ready, he asks me again and I tell him again. I get two omelettes with french fries and two sandwiches with homefries. Exhausting.
  • Every time we put in an order for the Athenian Meatball special, we either get veal or spaghetti.
  • My personal favorite: M puts in an order for a caesar salad, dry. The customer wanted a different dressing. When the salad was ready, this is what happened.
    New Cook: "You want caesar dressing?"
    M:"No, I got the dressing."
    NC proceeds to slather the caesar dressing all over the salad.
    M: "What the hell are you doing?!"
    NC: "Honey, I ask you if you want dressing!"
    M: "AND I SAID NO!"
    I can't stop laughing at that one.

The list goes on and on.


  1. Oh my these idiots realize how frustrating they are? After the dinner rush, it's hilarious, but when they are doing this crap during it, and the server has money riding on the tiny hope that they can pull it together and get this very simple task done...

  2. The food cost alone for wasted food in this post just boggles - I can't imagine what an entire night of this doof would cost your restaurant on top of what it costs you.

  3. @Rachel
    Haha, I just don't understand where the lines of communication get tangled. I mean, he will repeat the order back correctly and make something completely different.

    Exactly! I would much prefer the pervy cooks who I can either put in their place or ignore, than one who will be affecting my tips when their food is incorrect or late.