Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm dumb.

I guess all my years of schooling did not teach me how to read a calendar, and I did a Sunday Night Pet Peeve on Saturday. So, to honor this blonde moment, I'll write about another one I had a few months ago.

During the winter, we serve homemade chili. They make it in massive quantities and reheat as needed.
I waited on a nice couple who had never been in the diner before. I love doing this, because it gives me an opportunity to show my knowledge of the menu and make sure they have a good experience. It makes me super happy when people enjoy their first time and say they'll definitely be back.
So, anyway, this guy is asking about the chili and decides to try a bowl. We didn't have any out, so the cook grabs some while I go back out to get the rest of their order.
As I'm sure it is in most kitchens, the soups and such are sitting underneath where we pick up so the girls can grab it themselves. The chili was out, so I get a bowl and take it out. A few seconds later, there's another bowl on the line one of the cooks put out for me to pick up.
I say, "Don't worry, I already got it."

The rest of the meal is uneventful, they enjoy everything and ask for the check. They man says, "I wanted to ask you something. Is your chili always served cold?"
I respond, "Uhm.... no... was yours?" He had eaten all of it.
"Yeah, I mean it was still delicious, I had just never eaten it chilled like that and I thought that's the way you guys did it, like gumbo!"

The cook had heated up a bowl for me and put the rest into the steam table. I took cold chili and didn't realize it. Thank god the guy still liked it.

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  1. Well, it makes things easier that the guy was so good about it. One waiter I know served Tommy Lee Jones cold soup by accident and that didn't end well.