Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What day is it?

I've been picking up extra shifts and covering for people and going in early and working late and I don't even know what the date is anymore. And the customers are getting weirder and weirder.

  • "Can we order anything on the menu or is it just this page?"
    Why the fuck would I give you a whole six page menu if you could only order 10 things?
  • "How are your tomatoes?"
    Sandwich tomatoes? Salad tomatoes? What are you even asking me?
  • "I gave up drinking for Lent."
    Seriously. This guy would not even take a glass of water and it was about a month after Easter.
  • "What kind of spaghetti do you have?"
    Uh, regular kind? Turned out she meant 'pasta' and was just using 'spaghetti' as a blanket term.
  • The lady who asked me questions about four different things on the menu and then said "Oh, I'll just have the other one." "Which one?" "The other one." "Which other one?" "The other one!"

As I've said before, all you can do is break into giggles at this point.


  1. The first one made me laugh. Funny.

    And you are right, you just have to laugh - otherwise you would end up stabbing them with a fork. In the eye.

  2. I used to love going in for 9+ shifts a week. It used to make me delightfully delirious with work frenzy and embolden me to respond in the most inappropriate ways possible to the people who said stuff like this. It kind of inspired me to do my own blog!

  3. My coworker and I (we work at a supermarket) were hanging signs when a woman came over from the pop aisle and said the following:

    "Question: You're out of rootbeer." (we have probably nine or ten different brands, so it's...unlikely that we were completely out of all of them).

    My coworker and I just kind of stared at each other, stunned, then he went to help the lady while I made more headway on the signs. He came back chuckling and shaking his head.

    "Question: You're our of rootbeer."

    I looked at him for a minute and replied:

    "Statement: Are you sure?"

    We probably laughed harder at that then it warranted.