Friday, May 6, 2011

I liked today.

The opener felt sick and left around noon. So, I got station one! I rarely do because it's reserved for the openers and closers.
This means I got the counter and five booths, which is a lot of money potential! And in this case, we were busy enough that I never stopped moving, but never got in the weeds. And came home with some cash in my pocket.

But it wouldn't be a post worth reading without some bitching, right?

As a diner, we do a lot of breakfast. It drives me bananas when someone asks for "sausage and eggs" or "pork roll and eggs" and just closes their menu. Tell me how you want your eggs, bitch, or you won't like what I choose.
Same goes for "soup or salad?" and I just get "salad." what kind of salad? what kind of dressing? come on guys, meet me halfway.


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