Friday, May 20, 2011

Only one thing pissed me off today.

so that's cool.

so, we recently got new menus. new specials and a price raise. people still come in and ask for a few of the old specials, and usually we'll still make them.
A couple comes in and the lady is asking after.. we'll call it the Jersey Burger. I explained we got new menus, but if she remembered what was on it, we could either find something similar or just go ahead and make it. She didn't remember and had me ask around. "Manager, do you remember what was on the Jersey Burger?" "Co-workers, do you remember what was on the Jersey Burger?" Finally, the cooks remembered, and I reported back.
"It has cheddar cheese, fried onions, and bacon."
"Oh, okay," she says. "We need another minute."

This was slightly aggravating. You got a boner for this burger and made me find out what was on it, and now you don't want it?
So, they order. A lot of food. Soups, two appetizers, and two burgers. She gets the Jersey Burger.
I bring out the soups. She makes me take her coffee back because the "saucer was dirty." It was a drip of coffee from the pour. Okay.
I bring out the apps. They seem happy so far.
I bring out the burgers. She looks at it like I served her a dead rat on a bun. With a side of fries.
"I don't like cheddar cheese. I wanted provolone."
UHM. I respond, "I told you it was cheddar... should I take it back?"
"Yeah, I hate cheddar. I want provolone."

There are so many things wrong with this. She purports that she used to get this all the time, but she doesn't like the cheddar cheese that came on it? I remind her what was on it, cheddar cheese, and she orders it anyway? What WORLD is she living in??

Luckily, the cheese was on the on the bun, not the burger - we could just switch out the bun for one with provolone on it and all was well. They left me 20% and I was pleased.

Other than that slight snag, which mostly baffled me rather than upset me, today's shift was quite nice. A little slow, but I still made my usual amount for a Friday day shift.


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