Friday, May 13, 2011

No more signage.

The wall where the time clock is at work is covered in notes. Notes about schedules, notes about dinner, rules and regulations about ev. ery. thing. I should take a picture.

The last one says "Anyone who overfills the bus pan and breaks a dish will have the cost deducted from their pay."
I have several questions about this:
Was it really that chronic of a problem? I don't think we had a lot of broken dishes. If a certain person was responsible for a lot of them, it should be brought of with that person.
Can they do this legally? Morally? I don't think it's right. It's a restaurant. Dishes break. Accidents happen.

Thoughts? Is there a policy like this at your place of work?


  1. How do overfill a dish pan. If you can carry it then it isn't too full.

    I don't know the legalities of this but my thought is that they have a built in for broken dishes and cannot penalize an employee for breaking one or two. It happens.

  2. I've seen threats of this a lot, but never actually have know them to be carried out.